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Our Technology


With outside investment from our new partner company, One Stop Signs now has a whole new range of equipment at its disposal.

Mimaki CJV:

We now operate with a Mimaki CJV series solvent printer for full colour graphics.  this machine is set to run in a full 8 colour configuration which means that we can produce fully photographic prints for any level of sign use required.
With this machine we create products such as pop up banners, external grade scaffolding banners both in solid mesh and perforated. full colour printed vehicle wraps, full colour printed signage and clothing decals for heat press application.
We also print full colour mural wallpaper too. with a range of effects for different finishes.


Canon IPF:

We also have a Canon IPF series 12 colour inkjet printer for the serious photographers  out there.  this machine offers a scale of colour not seen very often.  We use it to create enlargements, to print posters and advertising materials alongside printing photographic quality canvas artwork. of course, for the builders and engineers among you, it will also print drafts (which is always handy).


Graphtec CE:

We have upgraded our cutters to the new series available from Graphtec.  This really makes no real difference to the end customer, but does allow us to create flat colour vinyl decals a lot quicker than we were previously able to.  Speed means more time to fit your decals and possibly more time to get extra job completions per day.


Easymount Laminator:

With this new toy, a piece of equipment that was very much needed along with the solvent printer purchase we are able to protect all of our works for different varieties of usage.  from 60 micron thin laminate for items such as ad boards, through to 140 micron films for application in rougher environments.


Material Partners:

over the last few months we have worked extremely hard to create leads with some of the worlds biggest sign vinyl companies, we are doing this to ensure that everything we produce for you is at the top end of its available quality.  We want to wrap your vehicles in a material we know will outlast your expectations.
We are going to great expense to create a new footing for One Stop that will not falter and will not disappoint you.  Arlon, Avery and 3M are our way to achieve this!