Lit signage is one of the more popular requested we get.  with the implementation of new led technologies from manufacturers such as GE with lower running costs, we are finding that requests are coming in quicker and quicker on a week by week basis.

There are many types of lit signage, the most popular is a standard light ox with an opal acrylic face, much like most takeaway restaurants use. Alternatively we can supply light boxes with aluminium box covers that have been fret cut with your logo.  we can also supply individually cut letters with internal rear led’s which allow your text to have a colours shadow effect.

If you like what you see, then please feel free to call us on 01685 883330.  Alternatively please use this link to fill out our contact form, One of our team will get back to you shortly.

**The images above are meant as an example of what can be achieved with lit signage. They are not all ours, All copyright belongs to the owners.  more images will be added as we complete projects.